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Trim Tool Componenets

Cone Locator Cartridges

Cone Locator Cartridges

PDSP75 Male cone locator cartridge
PDSP76 Female cone locator cartridge


Cone locator cartridges…are used to register the formed shot. Secondary operations such as trimming, filling and heat sealing, all require accurate registration when the web exits from the mold. These alignment devices can be added to punch and die trim tools, steel rule die boards or any tooling that requires precise registration.

Hardened steel male and female spring pins are housed in bronze bushing cartridges designed for easy installation. Cartridges slide to adjust for height and then lock into their proper position.

These cartridges will capture the shot in advance of the intended operation. The male cartridge, with its stronger spring, will provide positive directional placement of the captured shot.


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Form Tool Componenets

Silicone Extruded Cord Ideal for Pressure Box and Mold Base Seals


Silicone Extruded CordSilicone rubber cord seals are extruded from durable 70-durometer material and are available in double seal “H” extrusion, “A” extrusion, or round stock to meet your specifications. The special “H” seal is especially suited for use on pressure boxes. Its use creates a double seal that eliminates blowouts and forms to tighter compression which provides positive sheet gripping, and eliminates squeal.

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Peening Hammer

Renew worn trim tooling, eliminate angel hair and fuzz.


Peening HammerA must for anyone running punch and die or matched-metal trim tooling. This remarkable peening hammer can be used to renew worn tooling without the time and cost associated with pulling the trim tool out of the press. After the first time you “peen back to life” excessive clearance between worn punch and die, this proven tool will have paid for itself!


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